By joining The Seekers Circle, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Engagement Commitment: Members commit to actively participate in group discussions and activities to foster a collaborative community.

  2. Activity Expectations: Regular contributions to group discussions and engagement are expected to maintain the group's vitality.

  3. Monitoring Period: After 30 days, participant engagement will be assessed to ensure the group's dynamism.

  4. Removal for Inactivity: Inactive members, those not participating for 30 consecutive days, may be removed from the group.

  5. Notification of Inactivity: Participants at risk of removal will receive advance notice and reminders to encourage renewed engagement.

  6. Reinstatement: Removed participants can reapply, demonstrating a renewed commitment to active participation.

The Seekers Circle

What if there was a  space where women could come together, support one another, and focus on their personal growth? Enter The Seekers Circle – a safe haven for like-minded women dedicated to their own Personal Development. Whether you're seeking guidance in your career, relationships, spirituality, or simply need inspiration to push yourself out of your comfort zone -  this is your space. There will be real conversation through forums, discussion threads, and local meetups.